uPVC Apertures

Tilt & Turn Aperture

A very common type of window which can be used in various locations around the house due to do the easy functionality of the top which can be tilted when need of ventilation whilst it can be opened to the inside for easy cleaning. This type of window can be supplied in both opening outwards or inwards.

Sliding Aperture

Always a common option for the Mediterranean market as it offers the easiest operation whilst a sliding insect screen can be installed on the inside for easy functioning.

Hinged Aperture

A standard functioning Hinged Window/Door with no frills, it can be done opening outwards or inwards.

Parallel Door

A combination of tilt and sliding mechanism, normally installed in normal sized apertures and in doors which are not so trafficked as it needs a frame all-round for the mechanism to operate.

Central Pivot Window

Ideal system for larger opening as it can be manufactured in a measurement of 2.5mtr x 2.5mtr in one single glass pane, normally done in facades. Cleaning is very convenient since the glass pane swivels 360 degrees, whilst it can also be opened for ventilation purposes.

Bottom Hung Windows

Normally found in unreachable positions, where the architects thought of ventilation. Various options exist, including manual opening, electrical or remote control.

Folding Doors

The folding door is an option for those who want the use of the full opening as this kind of door can be slided to the sides, thus having a full opening when required.


Considering that there is a vast range of colours, louvers can easily replace wooden and aluminium louvers, they can either be fixed or adjustable and normally are fitted with retro fittings to simulate wooden apertures.

Fixed Aperture

Various options are available especially for commercial use such as offices or food and beverage outlets which give panoramic scenary. Full glass openings depend on measurement.

Lift & Slide Door

Designed to withstand the weight and load of large glass. Ideally installed in large openings and high altitudes. Lift and Slide is very secure and contains a thick profile which is considered the best for windy facades. Differently from the normal sliding system, the Lift & Slide seals completely with rubber all round instead of felt, therefore it increases the thermal insulation.

Arched Aperture

Having trouble finding arched apertures that are manufactured in Malta? Using our unique bending machine, we produce high quality uPVC arched apertures. Even though the arch is usually fixed, we still provide the opening option.