aboutStyles Apertures Limited sees its roots more than 25 years ago when the founder Jonathan Aquilina was a manufacturer of aluminium apertures to the residential market. Quality products always bring good results to a business, this led to a growth in the company and expanded to garage doors and steel work.In the last years the company had built a loyal and reputable work force, this helped the business to continue to flourish in difficult economic conditions. As part of the enlargement program the company started producing uPVC apertures in 2013 where it collaborates with world leading companies to deliver a top notch product with international standards such as Salamander, a German company that supplies uPVC.Hard work meant that in just 3 years the company changed its factory three times, always doubling its operation size, where now it operates in a 2000 square meter facility in San Gwann Industrial Estate, where it includes automatic machinery for the production of apertures, garage doors and a full sized spraying booth for the spraying of steel products.